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Beauty is more than good looks.

It involves taking care of the whole body. So, you must consider what you how, when you eat and where you eat. Oh, and did I say why you eat. Do you eat to live or live to eat. There is a difference! 

In this blog, I will be delving into body beauty and foods. I will include recipes that have been said to improve your health, boost your immune system (boy don't we need that) and finally enhance your looks. 

I pray that you benefit from the information that I choose to share with you from my research and that you will also feel free to share with me from your research. This is a conversation between friends, so please feel free to participate. If not, it'll will become a monologue, and we don't want that. Right?

How many of us are familiar with Reader's Digest? They have put out a lot of good books in my day and I don't think this book will be any different. In this book, Hazel Courteney & Kathryn Marsden have collaborated with Reader's Digest to give you a very information book. So, let's begin. 

The "secret" to a healthy diet is to forget about the word diet. Remembering, that variety and balance are the keys to a lifetime of healthier eating and in my opinion a much better life. So, in this blog you will be presented with many nutritious foods to help redress the imbalance of your diet with foods that are said to heal rather than foods that are known to harm. You can still enjoy your favorite treats, of course but we must remember that "a little goes a long way", emphasis on the word "little". So, when you splurge remember to really enjoy it and don't feel guilty but remember to keep a balance in all things and keep refined, sugars, fatty meals and treats to a minimum. It's hard at times, I know, because we are regularly bombarded with advertising that encourages us to eat more of the latest snack bars, prepackaged meal, or drink the latest drink--but these mass- produced foods and drinks may not have adequate nutritional value, and when eaten in excess, replace other wholesome foods in the diets and thus can deplete the body of vital nutrients.


 We tend to forget how are eating habits contribute to our health. It is normally a compound effect of unhealthy eating that can trigger health problems. To survive, the human body needs many factors, including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids, plus air, water and light. Our bodies cannot manufacture these factors, we must take them from external sources and that's where our diet practices kick in. The body is a complex machine, fully integrated and beautifully constructed. So, let's remember the better we take care of it, the better it will take care of us. 

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