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      So as you may remember from my last blog, I am having a little trouble getting my hair to grow like I want it to and keep these split ends under control. So guess what? I cut it off! Well not all of it but at least 4 inches or more. That portion of my hair did not feel moisturized after I would condition and moisturize my hair. So I got up the nerve and did what I knew needed to be done. A little Big Chop! I must say though, that I am very pleased with the results and excited about my return on investment, so to speak. 

Tomorrow, I will pick up some more of my favorite products by Cantu to keep my hair conditioned and moisturized. It seems to work the best for my hair and it really makes my coils more defined and I love that.

I must do everything possible to reduce my split ends and promote a healthy head of hair. I don't know about you but if you are anything like me, your hair is your passion. She loves her hair...okkaayyy!!

Also, while I work to keep my hair healthy, I am going to continue my research and schooling on natural herbs and oils that promote a healthier body inside and out. Once I get my info together, then I will share all of this wonderful information/products with you. I am very excited.

I'm curious, what are some of your hair treatment rituals that have worked well for you. Your information can possible help lead to my hair break You never know, right. Besides we are our Sister's Keepers, right? Right. Can't wait to read your responses. See you on the next blog.


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