My Hair Journey

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My Hair Journey

First of all, let me say how happy I am about the movement towards the love for natural hair. I have wanted to be natural since high school and I'm now in my mid-forties. So think about that for a I was tired of frying my hair month after month and dealing with the chemical burns in the spots where I scratched my head before I finally relaxed it. I'm sure someone out there can relate, right? 

Well my hair journey started after Thanksgiving in 2010. I came home from my mom's house and decided the next day to do the big chop. Best day ever! I don't regret it one bit. My logic is that I can take care of my hair without the chemical burns and intense heat and switch it up with wigs and hair extensions if I so desire. Right? You know, keeping it spicy. 

So in order to keep it spicy. I turned to YouTube videos. I must say that I have learned so many things by watching YouTube videos and have thus added to my hair repertoire. So I can really do a lot of different things with my hair if I desire. Braids, crochets, twist, etc... I really really like my YouTube videos. It's like going to school online but at my convenience. I love it! Really I do.

Here is a problem I have had with my natural hair though that I had not noticed when I kept my hair relaxed. I've noticed that there is a distinct difference in hair care in the warm months than in the cold months. I know you might be saying duh but seriously. I wasn't expecting my dandruff to act differently depending on the season. So what works for moisturizing my hair and managing my dandruff in the summer and spring does not work in the winter and fall. So I have had stay on my toes concerning my hair care AND the time of year.

Well that being said, I am still battling with making my hair stronger though. I don't know where I am going wrong but my hair seems to be very fragile and pops very easily.

So I put a protective style in my hair and I'll let it stay that way for the next three months or so. I first washed and conditioned my hair and then put in a leave in conditioner. After, I put some herbal grease on my scalp, coconut grease and black castor oil with tea tree on my hair and braided it down for crochets. While they are in, I'll keep my scalp greased and cleaned in hopes to stimulate healthy hair growth. Also, don't forget that healthy eating plays a part in healthy hair as well. So I will continue working towards healthy eating. Does anyone have any other suggestions that they have used that has really worked for them? I am really interested in your point of view. 

I have discovered in my journey that my hair grade is a combination of different types as well. My hair is 4a in the front and 4b/c in the back. But I love it all the same.Did I mention how much I love my hair? Lol! I hope you guys love yours just as much. It's my crown of glory and I would not have it any other way. So I want to take care of it to the best of my ability and that has been my goal for the past nine years. Wow! It's been nine years of being natural and I'm looking forward to many years more! Talk to you again soon.


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