Hair Community

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Hair Community

Let me take a moment to introduce myself again. I am Yvette Jones, naturalista since 2010 and mother of three. I am also an avid music lover, singer,songwriter and actress. I created this site not just for sales but to build a community with those interested in learning about hair care and being a better you. I want to not only give words of wisdom but receive them as well from you. This will be an exchange of knowledge and I can not be successful without your participation. So feel free to engage and be engaged, of course we will practice respect for our fellow sisters no matter their race, religion or creed. That is of utmost importance. 

I want this site to empower you to be your best you, inside and out. We will take subjects of concern and explore them, research them and share our findings with each other. We will also find ways to help cure, control and/or manage each item as it arises. So fasten your seat belts and let's begin this journey of discovery together. 

Welcome my sisters to your new Hair Community!


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